I'm glad you're here! I'm Katie, Owner/Creator of Katie & Co. Furniture Restorations. I live in rural Iowa on a little farm near Moville with Kurt, Kash, and Hazel. Oh, and three miniature ponies, two goats, one dog, three cats, and 12 chickens.  I'm a mother, soon to be wife, furniture painter, candle maker, custom wooden sign designer, and whatever else I decide to throw at myself! I love to create and make vintage furniture beautiful again. I have been painting furniture since 2007 and I'm still addicted. I once had a dream that I would have a little shoppe to show my work but never really believed it would become a reality! I had my daughter, Hazel, in 2012 and decided I wanted to be home with her. I didn't want to miss out on seeing her grow but I still had such a drive to work and create. I quit my job as an esthetician of nine years and began to really focus on becoming a small business owner and start Katie & Co. I can't tell you how hard it was to just drop everything that was routine and hit the ground running not knowing if it was going to work and that I could make a living creating. I pushed myself to the max everyday and with the help of the BEST support group in the world (my family) here I am going strong years later. I hope you enjoy my posts and I hope I can inspire someone to chase their dream and never quit! xoxo Katie